Understanding the Requirements for Serving as an Administrator in an RCFE

Certain qualifications must be met if a person wishes to serve as an RCFE administrator. These qualifications apply to those who want to be the administrator of a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE), a Group Home (GH), a Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP) or an Adult Residential Facility (AFR). First, the required training must be successfully completed. Once this step has been done, the student must pass an exam and apply for certification. Is this all that is required for those who want to begin your California RCFE administrator training?


Individuals who currently hold a valid Nursing Home Administrator license will only need to complete 12 hours of live instruction in the required core areas before sitting for the exam. Any person currently holding GH administrator certification who wishes to become an STRTP administrator can likewise complete the 12 hours of instruction and sit for the exam. The DSS-approved exam is mandatory even for these individuals. Individuals with an active and current NHA license must complete all requirements but aren’t required to take the exam.

The Exam

Once you take your California RCFE administrator classes, you must take and successfully pass the standardized exam that is administered by DSS. This exam has to be taken within 60 days and students are required to score 70 percent or higher to pass. The test administrator scores the exam within seven days and sends a results letter to the student. Students are permitted to take this exam three times within the 60 day period.


Upon successfully completing the exam, students have 30 days to submit the exam results letter and other documents to the California Department of Social Services. This includes the nonrefundable application processing fee, a completed and signed LIC 9214-Application for Administrator Certification form, and a copy of the Certificate of Completion of the ICTP. If the student does not need this training, documentation that verifies the qualification for exemption must be included. To complete the application packet, include a completed and signed LIC 508 Criminal Record Statement and the completed LIC 9163 Request for Live Scan form. Individuals convicted of a crime need to sign a written statement explaining the circumstances of the conviction. STRTP and GH applicants must also submit a Child Abuse Index Check of proof of prior clearance.

Why not get started on your RCFE administrator certification today? The process isn’t difficult. Individuals who do so discover they have numerous job opportunities, as the demand for individuals in this field is steadily increasing.


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